Kolkata - Ammucare



Ammucare Kolkata team distributed dry ration to many Sadhus and needy people in the Gangasagar area in West Bengal. This is an island and is a very famous and a holy place owing to the location of Kapil muni Ashram.
And it was devastated due to the cyclone Amphan. The Ammucare team reached there and extended their support to the needy people.
70 families were given ration kits consisting of 3 Kgs Rice, 500gm Pulses , 3 Kg Wheat flour, potatoes, soybean packet, sugar, noodles, biscuits, and soap.
30 sadhus were given the above ration kit and along with that was given Puffed rice, Beaten rice, turmeric powder, chilli powder, tea leaves, sattu, and matchbox.
30 packets of Amul spray baby food was also given as there were many children in the families.