Pitrupaksha - Ammucare




Pitrupaksha is a period to pay homage to one’s ancestors. We express gratitude to our ancestors by performing the sacred rituals and performing annadaan (food donation). This year the period is from 2nd to 17th September.

During this period, Ammucare is performing annadaan for saints and needy people by the river Ganges at the holy cities of Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh.

On the 5th day of the PITRU PAKSHA,

1) At Haridwar, breakfast consisting of Tea and biscuits were served to 350 people. “The choice of the breakfast as tea was done by the Sadhus yesterday, and the Ammucare Team provided the same with much love today”.
And in the lunch, Rice, dal and curry was served along with Laddoo for 300 people.
Dinner was served for 100 people .

2) At Varanasi, 100 people were served lunch consisting of Khichdi and sweet.

3) At Rishikesh, 50 needy people and Sadhus were served dinner. The food is being prepared for the distribution at the Swami Narayan Ashram in Rishikesh..