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Token of Gratitude: Renuka’s Testimony

“Ever notice that our God doesn’t just want to bless us? He wants to bless us beyond our expectations, beyond what we could ever hope or imagine. God did something so extraordinary for me so profound and personal that it went beyond my expectations. It was a MIRACLE.
It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I write to thank Ammucare for the huge difference it made in my life. Words do not seem enough to say how much I appreciate the support regarding words, money, medicines and shelter essentials I received during the crisis I went through. My life was so stressful that I wanted to die.
MOHANJI GURUJI and my AMMA, Acharya Sunitha Madan’s daily enquiries, wishes, and blessings let me know how much they cared. I couldn’t have pulled it off without their care, support and for everything they have done, for helping out in all possible manners, most importantly for being there.
It has been a great strength to have to talk to AMMA. Thank you for your gift of life today. Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me.
I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all those who are associated with Ammucare who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for individuals like me.
My salutations to our MOHANJI GURUJI, the great soul who has provided his unconditional support and blessings. GURUJI has blessed me beyond what I can ever hope or imagine. Today, if I am alive it is only due to the blessings of BABA and the breakthrough of the miracle of getting connected to MOHANJI GURUJI.
I have begun to rebuild my life. All I know is that BABA and MOHANJI GURUJI want to bless me beyond what I can ever hope and imagine. I wish to always keep praying, for all that he did for me as I have seen and experienced a multitude of blessings.”