Mohanji ka Aangan

Mohanji ka Aangan is an initiative taken by Ammucare to provide basic learning facilities to under privileged children.

Children at Aangan do not have access to a formal education. In the morning hours, some of these children work to support their families. Ammucare also organizes food for all the children on a regular basis. Awareness is imparted regarding basic health care and hygiene.

Aangans are currently operational at Pune, Delhi and Jammu. Ammucare intends to open many such centres across India. To support this initiative contact us at


Mohanji ka Aangan was informally started in a small shack in the slums, for the workers, at a construction site. It was Mohanji's Grace that the Pune team got the permission from the contractor and builders to start one. Initially, it was a small room but later it was shifted to a bigger room. It was done up with the help of all the volunteers who contributed in their own ways by painting the shack, getting basic furniture and charts for the kids.

The no. of kids varies depending on the occupancy of the slums with min of 8 to max of 20 and they range in the age grps of 2 – 14 yrs.


Apart from the formal teaching carried out by the volunteers, the activities at Aangan include imparting awareness regarding dental hygiene, menstrual hygiene for young girls and conducting painting competitions for the kids.

Though having a permanent teacher has been a challenge but we have always had volunteers from Ammucare family who teach the kids and spend quality time with them.

Korean Team of music teachers

Seeing the functioning of Aangan, a team comprising of Korean students has routinely been visiting on a weekly basis and teaching music to the kids.