Mohanji ka Aangan

Mohanji ka Aangan is an initiative taken by Ammucare to provide basic learning facilities to under privileged children.

Children at Aangan do not have access to a formal education. In the morning hours, some of these children work to support their families. Ammucare also organizes food for all the children on a regular basis. Awareness is imparted regarding basic health care and hygiene.

Aangans are currently operational at Pune, Delhi and Jammu. Ammucare intends to open many such centres across India. To support this initiative contact us at


Mohanji ka Aangan was informally started in a small shack in the slums, for the workers, at a construction site. It was Mohanji's Grace that the Pune team got the permission from the contractor and builders to start one. Initially, it was a small room but later it was shifted to a bigger room. It was done up with the help of all the volunteers who contributed in their own ways by painting the shack, getting basic furniture and charts for the kids.

The no. of kids varies depending on the occupancy of the slums with min of 8 to max of 20 and they range in the age grps of 2 – 14 yrs.


Apart from the formal teaching carried out by the volunteers, the activities at Aangan include imparting awareness regarding dental hygiene, menstrual hygiene for young girls and conducting painting competitions for the kids.

Though having a permanent teacher has been a challenge but we have always had volunteers from Ammucare family who teach the kids and spend quality time with them.

Korean Team of music teachers

Seeing the functioning of Aangan, a team comprising of Korean students has routinely been visiting on a weekly basis and teaching music to the kids.

Jammu Aangan

Activities at Jammu Aangan

70 children are being tutored at Jammu Aangan. Various activities are held here and the team ensure the kids have loads of fun. Computer workshops and musical eveningalongwith bag distribution for Aangan children is organized. Various special days are celebrated such as Ammucare day celebrations on 9 Nov 2018, Independence day celebrations, Lego day and Icecream day. Food seva is also done on a regular basis.


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Banglore Aangan

Activities at Banglore Aangan

3 Dec 2018:

We inaugurated Mohanji Ka Angan, in one of the North Bangalore slums. Mohanji ka Angan has already been running successfully in 3 other cities in India. We were very happy to add Bangalore to the list of Aangans. We hope to grow and start more centers in Bangalore, with Mohanji’s grace. Initially we had expected 18 kids from the age group of 3-14 years but we were pleasantly surprised to have almost 50 kids. We distributed school kits to the children, which consisted of stationery like notebooks, pencils, crayons among other things. The children and their parents were very happy to have a dedicated center at their place and have promised to send the kids regularly post their school. We also distributed colouring materials and asked the kids to colour. Kids as small as even 2 were so enthusiastic and started colouring with choicest of colours and some of them had coloured excellently. All in all, a very satisfying experience for having started the same. There is a lot of work to do but we are quite positive that this center will shape up wonderfully. A big thanks to KesavanNamboodiri (Achan) and Amma, for inaugurating. They seemed as enthusiastic as the kids themselves. Thanks to Aishwarya, Harry and team, for all the support.Lots of gratitude to Mohanji for providing this platform for us to serve.

13 Dec 2018:

Mohanji ka Aangan has been started recently in Bangalore. Everyday tutoring and other activities are going on in full zest. Its both surprising and delightful to see that the kids are attendingeveryday without fail. They eagerly wait for the tutor to come for the day. The local person who has provided the space comes early and cleans up the place for the children to sit. Most of the kids, now come neatly dressed, which shows the growing interest in Aangan and its activities. Some parents expressed immense happiness that their children are getting a helping hand that they craved for in their childhood. Overall, a very encouraging response. As of the activities, Aishwarya the daily tutor and volunteer, has been conducting various activities. This includes, tuitions for their regular school work, worksheets are given to the kids, which includes learning and identifying English letters, phonics sounds associated with it. Children very keenly do their work and come and show their work with great zest and zeal. This is encouraging to the volunteers to do more. They are also provided healthy snacks everyday like bananas, biscuits, milk etc. We wish to do more and more looking at the wonderful and enthusiastic response from the kids, their parents and the local group for providing the place for us to serve. Looking forward for more activities here.

28 Dec 2018:

Mohanji Ka Aangan Bangalore celebrate their first Christmas: Dec 24th, Christmas eve, was an afternoon full of love, festivities and sticky christmas plum cake at Aangan Bangalore. Our Aangan angels were already waiting eagerly to see Ammucare and Aangan volunteer, Aishwarya. When Aishwaryaunravelled a giant poster of a Xmas tree, their eyes lit up like Christmas lights! The children watched and listened patiently as Aishwarya explained the true meaning of christmas and the significance of the tree. They then each had a go at painting the tree with different colours. Later, food was distributed to all the kids - tasty maaza mango juice and sweet sticky plum pudding. Penny, the Aangan puppy, can also be spotted enjoying the festivities. Gratitude to Mohanji for giving the gift of smiles this Christmas.

2 January 2019:

Happy New Year from Mohanji Ka Aangan. At Mohanji Ka Aangan Bangalore, our Aangan Angels love to perform! We celebrated the first day of New Year's with dancing, singing and Annadaan. The girls and boys then took turns to sing and dance their favourite Kannada songs in a sing off. The other children sang along with pure joy. Veg puffs, mango juice and chocolate bars were distributed with the help of Vasabraj and Raju, the 2 Aangan boys.

7 January 2019:

Aangan angels meet their Serbian family: Kids at Mohanji Ka Aangan Bangalore were paid a surprise visitby ACT volunteers from Serbia and Croatia. The children poured love on our Serbian and Croatian teams and the afternoon was filled with a photoshoot (kids request) singing, dancing, laughing and having lots of fun. Spirits were lifted and everyone felt the love flowing through Aangan. Milk, banana and biscuits were beautifully enjoyed. Gratitude to Mohanji for the purest gift of joy .

16 January 2019:

Bangalore Aangan children were elated to have one more special visitor on the auspicious day of MakarSankranti. NateshRamsell from USA not only visited the children at Aangan but also he entertained them with some divinely beautiful songs. Music is the universal language of heart. Child or adult, Indian or American, there are no boundaries in love and music. This was the lesson that the children cherished on the day alongwith biscuits.

Pune Aangan

Activities at Pune Aangan

To spread love and serve selflessly beyond boundaries, team Ammucare from Pune spread its wings and inaugurated another Mohanji Ka Aangan. It was all Mohanji's grace that He made it happen seamlessly. The project had been in pipeline for the last 6 months but it had to open as part of Ammucare day celebration. It was inaugurated by one of the teachers Mrs. Savita and one of our senior members, Mrs Veena. The school will cater to around 30 children of construction site workers who have no privilege of a mainstream school. The place was provided by a property dealer after some paperwork and verification of the existence of Ammucare as an organization. It was a great co-operation and involvement of all the volunteers which made this happen and above all the blessings of our Master and Guru who keeps guiding us subtly and otherwise.

Delhi Aangan

Activities at Delhi Aangan

9th Nov, 2016 – Inauguration of Ammucare centre at Delhi – Food sewa along with stationary packets consisting of One big size register, one pencil, sharpener, eraser, colours box, etc were given to all children who enrolled

14th Nov, 2016 – Children day celebrations

24th Dec, 2016 – Christmas Celebrations – Mattarkulcha served, dance program by children, Santa gave sweets to all and Blanket distribution to all kids (as New Year gift)

13th Jan, 2017 – MakarSankranti celebrations – performances by children, food seva, stationary distribution by Ammucare other members (sponsored by Jammu Ammucare) Blankets also sent to Gurgaon for Distribution to Gurgaon team

9th Feb, 2017 – Performances at Sai Auditorium NearSai Mandir. All Aangan children participated in Art Competition. One team won 2nd prizes. Prizes and gifts given by the Sai Memorial Team.

April, 2017 - Drawing & Art Competition – Winners were given prizes (To welcome them back after exams)

May, 2017 – Bird feeders distributed in Saket and MadangiriGurudwaras. 1 week full dedicated in July, 2017 – Full week of celebrations on occasion of Guru Poornima– Aloopoorihalwa as food sewa, made bird feeder bottles out of waste bottles, feeding birds activity at various locations in Delhi, planting 100 trees in Paryavaran park by children, etc. was done

15th Aug, 2017 – Kite flying and Independence Day celebrations at the Indian Park, Delhi

30th Aug, 2017 - With little Ammu's will and Baba’s grace, we had a very successful Health Check up day for our children at Delhi Aangan.With two Dentists and 2 physicians who happily checked the general well being of kids and gave free vitamins and medicines as required by them.

Oct, 2017 – Lamp decoration for all kids as Diwali Celebrations

5 Nov, 2017 – Make A Wish for all Aangan Children, gifts distributed, Food Sewa done, Blankets Distributed in and around Delhi areas (All sponsored by USA ACT)

9 Nov, 2017 – Ammucare Day celebrations – Sports Day Celebrated with gifts for Winners at the Paryavaran Complex D-block Park, eatables also distributed to children

Dec, 2017 – New Year Celebrations with Blanket distribution for all Children and Food Sewa for all

Jan, 2018 – New Year Celebrations Cake + sweets sponsored by a family in Paryavaran complex)

Jan, 2018 – MakarSankranti Celebrations – 60+Socks given out to all children, sweaters distributed to 20 smaller children(sweaters by some lady in paryavaran)

Jan, 2018 – BasantPanchmi Celebrations – Sweet Rice and pencils were distributed to all the children. Clay piggybanks were also distributed to impart the value of saving.

Apr, 18 – Welcoming children for the new session

July, 18 – Guru purnima activities at Aangan – Tree plantation, bird feeding and Annadaan was done.

Aug, 18 – Independence Day Celebrations

Sep, 18 – Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Oct 2018 – Mega celebrations at Aangan with Mohanji’s visit. Unconditional love was showered by Mohanji, thereby making every moment very special for all the children. Special prizes were distributed to children who had done brilliantly in the past 1 year. It was a great event to witness.

Nov, 18 – Diwali Celebrations with Aandaan n gifts distribution -

Nov, 2018 – Childrens Day Celebrations for children’s visit to Cheshire Home Delhi, where they met specially abled people and did dance performance for them. Food Box distributions after that for all inhabitants of Cheshire Home.

Ammucare Day Celebrations, 2018 - Yoga Day Celebrations.Poojs Gandhi came to teach the children the Himalyan Ancient Style of Yoga and talk about the from HSTY and food distribution. Bag distribution as part of Diwali celebrations. Drawing competition for all children and prize distribution for winners.

Dec, 2018 – Christmas Celebrations – ResMed tem came to aangan to celebrate with our children, distributed socks and Caps to them to beat the chilling cold. Pastries and sandwiches were distributed to all of them, games were organised and there were dance performances by children

Dec 31, 2018 to 1 and 2nd 2019 – Access Bar Sessions were given to children of Aangan, a healing modality which people practise all around the world today. One session clears many negative thought patterns, emotions etc. Children received this with complete allowance and were given Chips, chocolates, frooti, sandwich etc box as annadaan.

14 Jan, 2019 –MakarSankranti–Peanuts, popcorn andsweets were distributed. It was a lively and a lovely day, thanks to the dance performances by children.