“There is nothing more satisfying and liberating than serving food to a hungry being. One becomes the purpose when expressions are selfless and unconditional. Richness blossoms inside”. – Mohanji

Ammucare is committed to feeding the poor on the streets, orphans, specially challenged, homeless, old and sick people. Food, fruits and grocery distribution sevas are carried out throughout the country on a regular basis. Fresh and nutritious food is cooked and served by our volunteers to the underprivileged at different identified locations. We carry out the sevas in slums, old age homes, orphanages, special schools, hospitals and at temples. We also hand out snacks and sweets on festivals and special occasions of celebration.

Ammucare equally looks after the animals. We distribute fodder for the cattle, goats, camels, emus, monkeys, birds and fish at various animals shelters and care centres. A daily feeding of biscuits to the street dogs is also actively carried out.

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