Our Mission

Our Vision

A home beyond all manmade barriers built on unconditional love and care, supporting the lives of all beings of mother earth, beyond caste, creed, culture, colour, communities and countries through living the true message of life consisting of compassion and kindness as a lifestyle aimed at liberation from all kinds of binding beyond races.

Our Mission

Ammucare aspires to bring to all its volunteers, peace, happiness and higher evolution, by expanding their personal world to encompass the entire universe and they transforming into an integral part of the universe. Ammucare wishes to spread positivity and wipe the tears of the abandoned and destitute masses of our neighbourhood. Ammucare wishes to spread this neighbourhood to contain the whole world.

Objectives and Goals

Ammucare stands for:

  • Charity that does not create dependency.
  • Charity without expectations. It stands for expressing unconditional love, or love without expectations.
  • Care Beyond all manmade Barriers.

If you would like to contribute,

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