Bangalore - Ammucare



Ammucare Bangalore team in association with local residents association, Adarsh Palm retreat raised funds for procuring fodder for BBMP cattle shed animals.

It all began with a news paper article on TOI about the animals starving due to lack of stock and funds for the cattle owners, due to lockdown.

The cattleshed is around 120 years old from the British times. There are around 40 families rearing 230 cattles for milk distribution among the locals.

We got the contact of the cattleshed caretaker through different contacts including the local police and BBMP commissioner. Immediately the fodder was arranged through various contacts and delivered the next day.

The team distributed 95 bags of fodder to 233 cows in the animal shed on 19th of April in Frazer town, Bangalore.

These animals were starving due to lack of food stock because of the lockdown situation. The cattle were saved from going to the slaughter houses with this fodder distribution.