Blanket and Sweater Distribution

Blanket distribution drive;
Makes winters easy to survive.
We can’t let the ones on the streets catch the cold;
Warmth will be ensured if they have a blanket to hold.

For some winters come with a warm fuzzy feeling, for some winters come with a challenge to survive. The people living out on the streets, the homeless, the less privileged are most vulnerable in such times. The chills are a matter of life and death for them. If the cold gets to the bone survival seems a very distant possibility. To counter the winters’ claiming of life, Ammucare has been distributing blankets to the needy. By holding out this warm cover against the cold, we have helped many people brace the cold and fight winters over the past decade. Every year we identify locations and carry out the blanket distribution drive with the help of our volunteers. Covering streets, old age homes, cancer wards and orphanages the ACT angels are out there saving lives.

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