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Giving selflessly to all beings, one’s community, animals and birds as well as to serve Earth with an attitude of gratitude is a pillar of Ammucare Foundation,spreading under the wings of Mohanji (the founder). Mohanji shares, “Volunteering makes us complete only if it is done as a selfless service. Moreover, volunteering should become our lifestyle.Compassion and sincere expressions of kindness will help clear the dues for sure. Talking and sharing opinions will not help. Be in the now and try to do atleast One Positive Act everyday unconditionally”.

Countless family members around the world contribute consistently to society and the mission each day. Their passion and drive is to raise awareness, uplift more and more souls and contribute to a harmonious existence for all beings on Earth.

Anyone wanting to serve selflessly, reach out to the ones in real need with unconditional love,respect and gratitude. You are sincerely welcome to join us and get involved.

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