Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 10 May 2021

Annadaan in multiple city continued and as much as the volunteers are trying to reach out to more and more hungry souls, they are also ensuring that the food being served is of good quality.

The Bangalore Team served healthy umpa packets in some areas and in others fresh meals cooked by slum dwellers made from groceries regularly being supplied by our local volunteers are being distributed. The Bangalore team also went a step ahead distributing masks and sanitisers to many on the streets.

ln Jammu, a full course packed lunch and dinner thali with roti, dal,one veg preparation/curry ,rice and a dessert is lovingly being served to the cancer patients and their families at a hospital everyday consistently and on special request of children who are the patients , gulab jamun was added to the platter yesterday as a little something to make them smile.

Food packets with sufficient quantity of different rice preparation are being offered to the numerous Sadhus on the streets of Thiruvannamalai who otherwise have been sleeping empty stomachs as told by them on several occasions to our volunteers when approached with these food packets.

In Noida Biryani was served to people outside covid stations and to the Municipal cleaning staff. The Maharashtra team distributed food packets in Ganeshpuri, and snacks, fruits as well as sweets were distributed to the villagers, aangan kids, and people in the slums and outside the railways stations in and around Badlapur and Ambarnath.

Consistently, Delhi volunteers have been going to different localities with packed freshly cooked food and distributing and Meals rich in protein including Rice, Dal, Potato and Soyabean preparations , were served in Kolkata. The Sadhus in Hardiwar were offered mangoes and halwa.