Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 19 May 2021

By bringing the brightness of love, caring and sharing to society, we brighten the world as we brighten ourselves. With the consistent Annadan in various cities, the volunteers are validating the above mission of our organization.

The Noida team served 55 souls, sweetening the lives of many in distress with homemade kheer as well as buttermilk, salt and vegetables were given to ‘Desire Society’ -A home for special children and ones who are HIV positive.

Chennai volunteers donated rice to an NGO enough to feed 500 corporation healthcare workers. 345 homeless people, children in an orphanage and elders in an old age home were given food packets in Bangalore.

Both the Hyderabad and Delhi volunteers reached out to100 hungry people each in their respective cities with packed food.

34 inhabitants of slums in Kolkata and the 210 Sadhus on the streets of Tiruvannamalai were offered cooked meals.

Jammu Team continued to support the children cancer patients and their attendants with 300 food platters. Water, Fruits and Dal & Rice meals to 680 people in multiple locations were distributed in Maharashtra.