Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 2 June 2021

It is only about a pure selfless intent coupled with honest efforts and everything automatically falls in place. That is what happened in Bhopal when the black dark sky roaring with lightning and thunder didn’t pour down till the distribution of ration kits to families in a village was over and villagers left for their houses with the supplies. The groceries provided were sufficient for 1960 meals.

The Bangalore team catered to 470 hungry people with food boxes and Tiruvannamalai volunteers served 255 Sadhus. Jammu volunteers, consistent in their initiative, served 300 full meal platters to children cancer patients and their attendants at a local hospital.

In Delhi, the food boxes distributed, appeased 150 people and the freshly cooked rotis made by the livelihood project team were fed to 50 cows at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre.

1270 could free themselves from the pangs of hunger in Maharashtra with the fresh meals given to them lovingly by our team members there. They also fed 45 hungry dogs.

Apart from the efforts of the volunteers, the food seva has been possible only with the encouragement of our supporters like Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. and many more. Our heartfelt thank you to all of them.