Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 30 May 2021

Any opportunity to serve, to share and to give back through selfless actions should not be lost. So, Team Chennai, spreading their wings of love and care reached out to 50 hungry people in a small town in Tamil Nadu and Hosur Team brought smiles on the faces of 240 elders and children who have been deprived of love and proper food at an old age home and at an orphanage respectively.

The Jammu Team, as a regular contribution, are serving 300 food platters everyday to children cancer patients and their attendants. 1430 villagers, slum inhabitants and street dwellers in various locations including Shirdi and Ganeshpuri received meals for the day in Maharashtra. 450 food packets along with fruits and water were distributed in Bangalore and 250 in Hyderabad.

In Tiruvannamalai with 210 Sadhus served and in Haridwar with 100 people given food, consistent Annadaan continued. The Delhi and Kolkata team appeased 100 and 29 hungry people respectively in their cities.