Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 6 May 2021

Annadaan at various cities like Thiruvannamalai, Noida, Haridwar and Bangalore continues as cooked food was served to many who are affected by the current covid situation. In Jammu too, wholesome meals were served to cancer patients and their attendants at the SMGS hospital.

A good stock of fresh vegetables and dry rations which included 50 kgs each of cucumber, carrot, spinach and sponge gourd, 5 kgs each of turmeric , chana daal and malka dal, 7 litres of peanut oil, 20 kgs of soya bean, satnaja for birds was contributed for the lovely beings at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care centre in Delhi.

Food for birds was a special contribution from 2 of our members. Besides that 2900 fresh rotis cooked by the Livelihood team were also served to the animals.