Covid Seva - Ammucare


Covid Seva, 9 May 2021

Annadaan in and around 9 different cities was carried out with a lot of love. In Kolkata, ration kits were distributed to the families of disabled, mentally challenged, blind and mute children of the organization ‘Sangbedan’ who were in dire need of such a contribution to meet their basic needs. As the Jammu team continued to support the cancer patients and their families with full course lunches and dinners, our team in Maharashtra again reached out to many in Ganeshpuri and various village settlements in and around Ambarnath and Badlapur with cooked meals.

Additionally, hand sanitisers were also distributed to street vendors by the Jammu team.

In Thiruvannamalai and Haridwar a lot of elderly people were served food packets and the Bangalore team continued to feed the people at the slums at various locations. Both dry ration kits and cooked food packets were distributed in multiple areas of Delhi, Fruit and Biscuits were distributed to the family members waiting anxiously for their near and dear ones to recover at the Government Hospital in Bhopal.