Daily Livelihood Project - February 2021


Highlights of Livelihood Project – February 2021

Highlights of Livelihood Project, February 2021:
We had challenges in between, of running kitchen due to space constraints at the leprosy colony. With Father’s grace, we got some extension to continue to use the same space as kitchen. However, we are still looking for a good space to shift the kitchen.
Feeding is a sacred of act of seva. We are humbly grateful to Mohanji for blessing this project and allowing us to experience oneness with Mother Nature. In the month of February, team of 17 people served *34800* fresh roties at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre in Delhi. It’s a home cum medical care centre for thousands of beings such as cows, dogs, monkeys, donkeys, camels, birds, etc.
We also served *5295* people during these unpredictable times including homeless, migrants, laborers, rikshaw puller, rag pickers, slum dwellers, road side vendors, garbage collector etc. with hot cooked lunch with all care and love. With the increasing challenges for people who have no secured jobs or who are into occasional jobs or absolutely low paid for their works, one meal makes so much of difference to them. A team of 8 people prepare food and distribute it amongst the underprivileged. This project is ensuring economic independence for people from the Leprosy colony and making them feel worthy of adding value to the society.
Supported by:Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. (Ghaziabad)