Delhi - Ammucare



ammucare Delhi team has started a new project named “Livelihood Initiative” for some people at the Leprosy Colony in Delhi.
Under this project, the team aims to empower some people in the Leprosy Colony, Delhi by getting them to prepare for Annadan
for the animals and birds in the Sanjay Gandhi Animal care centre, Delhi.
On day one, a team of 7 people got engaged in making chappaties/ Roties . As it was the first day of the project, they all decided to cook extra roties, so instead of 1000, the team served 1250 roties at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care centre to express gratitude. 4 people came to deliver the roties and enjoyed serving the cows, monkeys and dogs.
On day two, the team of men and women made and served 1100 roties to blind, extremely sick and injured cows and bulls, monkeys and donkeys at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal care centre.