Guru Purnima week was celebrated from 22nd July – 29th July 2018 focussing primarily on Annadaan. Overall, 21934 beings have been fed incl birds, dogs and other animals.

The cities spanned across Jhansi, Chennai, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyd, Hosur, Tirunelveli, Kolkata, Palakkad, Gurgaon, Jammu, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Assam and Pune.

Highlights of 2018

Annadaan for 1 lakh people by team Hyderabad in the month of May 2018.

Ammucare in collaboration with Beach Warriors created history by qualifying for the "Limca Book of Records" by being part of the first ever 24 hours beach clean up drive in Mumbai. Kudos to Team Mumbai!!

Guru Purnima week was celebrated from 22nd July – 29th July 2018 focussing primarily on Annadaan. Overall, 21934 beings have been fed spanning across Jhansi, Chennai, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyd, Hosur, Tirunelveli, Kolkata, Palakkad, Gurgaon, Jammu, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Assam and Pune.


The Ammucare team served food to 400 slums dwellers. These people live in huge number in an open area at the outskirts on Gwalior Road. Amongst the Ammucare volunteers was also an Army personnel who lent a helping hand seeing the huge crowd beings were fed.


The team distributed rice mixed with lentils to workers and the homeless along the Marina Beach. 360 beings were fed including birds and dogs.


Food distribution across various parts of the city. Despite the infamous Bombay rains, the team was determined and performed Annadaan at every available opportunity. 3109 beings were fed.


Food and stationary items were distributed at various slums. Also, in collaboration with another NGO, basic necessities alongwith an entire month's groceries were provided at daycare centres of the kids of the migrant construction workers. 835

Hyderabad and Secunderabad

The teams performed various activities as part of the seva. They visited a Cancer hospital where medical supplies were distributed. Various slums were visited through the week where food packets were distributed. Clothes, an air cooler and medical


The team visited a blind school and a slum 830 and beings were fed.

Thirunelveli & Hosur

Amar Seva Sangam is a charitable society. They have been doing a phenomenal job in empowering the differently abled and people with special needs by helping them grow into the mainstream and become self-sufficient. Annadaan was performed here.325


Food packets and dentals kits were distributed at a slum. Also, part of the volunteering team was a dentist who gave demonstrated and educated the slum dwellers on the importance of dental hygiene. The team also visited an old age home where they shared groceries and distributed blankets and spent quality time with the elders. 1517 beings were fed.


The team visited 2 schools and served lunch to 300 kids.


Food seva was performed for 500 beings.

Jammu Aangan

Annadaan was done for 45 kids which also included distribution of juice and cupcakes to kids at a Cancer Hospital.

Delhi Aangan

Food seva was done for 200 kids.

Mohanpur/ Jamshedpur

Food packets were distributed throughout the week at various villages and 1890 beings were fed.


Food packets were distributed to 100 needy people

Mohanji's Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated a Week of Unconditional Love as part of, our Founder and Chairman, Brahmarishi Mohanji's birthday celebrations.

The celebrations were kickstarted at Hyderabad on 19th Feb.

Day 1: 19 Feb 2019 : The Fridge initiative.

Food for divine souls sponsored by us for Animal Savers group.
We thank our GMCH for providing us fridge with a helper to clean the fridge daily. Fresh food is stocked for any person who is in need or hungry. The quality check is done by the helper and is then stocked. 
Also, 52 upma and rusk packets were distributed thereby appeasing over a 100 plus souls.

Hyderabad: Day 2: Vanasthalipuram orphanage.

Distribution of 100 kgs of rice bags, gram flour, oil and snacks for 300 kids.

Hyderabad : Day 3: Feeding of birds and animals.

Hyderabad : Day 4: Day 4: Distribution of sarees, LED torch, toothpaste and sugarless snacks to 20 underprivileged senior citizens.

Hyderabad - Day 5 :On 23rd Feb, Hyderabad team of Ammucare volunteers spread to a different zone with the mission of love and peace.
The day started with distribution of sareea at Madhapur for underprivileged ladies at Hitech city by Dr. Rachana. Sowjanya distributed fodder for Gowshala. Nanda fed the street dogs and cats. Sarala and Aditya offered dinner to Chavadi Orphanage. Krishna Murthy, Rajshekar, and Neena were at Baba's ashram for food distribution after prayers to Mohanji.
Jaidev distributed snacks to the daily wage workers.

It was a day of celebration and peace and the food distribution went on till 11.00 Vasanthalipuram.

Wayanad, Kerala: Day 1:

The team felttruly blessed to be with the angel kids of Snehabhavan in Meenangady. We got connected with them in the afternoon and it was all a surprise! We got 25kgs of rice and ladoos as donations from two wonderful souls. As Goonj had helped us before, some buckets and some miscellaneous things were left with us. We could give them 15 buckets and mugs, 20 umbrellas, 15 bedsheets, 10kg dal etc. There were 11 kids altogether and it was very sweet of them to sing songs for us.

Wayanad, Kerala: Day 2:

As a humble step towards a greater cause, team Ammucare Wayanad conducted a one day training program on Parenting on 16th February 2019. Mr. Unnikrishnan Ernakulam came to give a wonderful session here. He merged real life stories, puranas and values to make the parents and kids aware of their moral values. The report is from a local daily in Wayanad. The class was conducted in Vidya Niketan school Tonichal.

Wayanad, Kerala: Day 3:

Ammucare Wayanad conducted 'Painting Competition' at Vidya Niketan School, Tonichal, Wayanad. There were 65 students there and most of them are facing financial constraints for education. We could gift them small toys, crayons and bigger smiles. They promised us to study better and join us for any further activities. The teachers work here for a minimal salary of just Rs. 4000 a month and they are showing utmost dedication to children. Truly blessed to be there!

Wayanad, Kerala: Day 4:

Mohanji always saysthat giving food is one the best way to serve humanity. Ammucare Wayanad could provide food to 15 rescue home and orphange kids in Pazhassi Balamandiram, Wayanad. To add on, we could give them yummy Payasam (Kheer) to bring them smiles. All of them were really co-operative and started telling the team "We are Mohanji's kids".

Kochi, Kerala:

On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji's Birthday, Ammucare Kochi thought of restarting the food distribution on streets. This used to be a weekend ritual. The team used to get food packed from small vendors for distribution to the street dwellers.
This year again, we distributed food to street dwellers . "I find this is the most spontaneous and fulfilling way of serving and it always fills me with peace." - says our volunteer Deepali Bais.


They say, when grace comes knocking, it pours, it is a flood. Father’s birthday, 23rd Feb 2019 was a spectacular one, celebrated by Ammucare Mumbai Team, at Shirdi.
The morning started with a darshan of Sai Baba, after Kakda aarati. A Vegan cake was taken into the temple, after taking permission. The priests touched the samadhi with the cake. Mrs. Savitri and Mr. Hanes from the Mumbai team were present there.
As they came to the Gurusthanam, the priest asked them “Are you not going to cut the cake?” Soon the cake was cut and distributed. The icing being all the people at Gurustanam started singing “Happy birthday Mohanji”. There was a spontaneous outburst of cheer. 

In the afternoon, the team celebrated Father’s birthday at Jilla Parishad School, Sakori. The day was celebrated with devotional fervour. As Mohanji’s disciples, the day’s event was distribution of school bags for 150 children of the school. It is to be noted that the children are all from very poor families. Mrs. Savitri from Ammucare Mumbai team with Mr Jnanaeshwar, from Shirdi, who volunteered for seva were there. The birthday cake was a 10 kg eggless cake. The Panchayat President of Sakori took part in the event. Mr. Lokhande, MP of Shirdi was a sudden and surprising visitor. It was at the request of the School that Ammucare Mumbai team has taken the onus of supplying Educational tabs. Initially, 20 tabs are proposed to be given.
A day cherished, with blessings from Baba, the holy land of Shirdi and Sakori.

We would like to thank the ACT UK team for sponsoring the bags for the kids.

Kolkata :

A Blood Donation Camp organized in Kolkata.

The event took place in the Army premises at Kanchrapara, near Bareckpore, West Bengal. The location is added to the list of donors who build new Blood Relations by voluntarily donating blood for the thalassemia patients registered with Child Health Institute of Kolkata.

The program commenced at 9 am on 23rd February, 2019. The event started with a lecture on Thalassemia Awareness taken by an Army Doctor. the lecture was followed by refreshments for the audience.

The blood camp started at 10:30 AM and within the span of less than three hours, 111 Units of  blood was collected.
The whole even went smooth and with a great energy. The pictures attached does less justice to the whole agenda, energy and motive of the event.


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, both Gurgaon and the UK Ammucare volunteers distributed muffins , milk , biscuits, raw rice, juices and samosas at Gurgaon location where more than 200 people were fed.



Ammucare volunteers were blessed to do annadan to 265 daily wage workers of cochin metro.It all happened when Anila Devdas, Ammucare volunteer, saw a dream in which she saw us serving homely food to daily wage workers of metro on Mohanji’s birthday.

All of us were amazed when all the food packets were distributed in just an hours time and the workers ate the food happily and thanked us wholeheartedly.

Such a blissful and blessed day. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mohanji for making us instruments for spreading the light and love that our he stands for. Everything was made possible only due to His grace.


Volunteers in Chennai ushered in Mohanji's birthday with Annadaan.

Volunteers prepared & distributed packets of food everyday from 20th – 27th Feb.
Bananas were distributed to sadhus in Thiruvannamalai.Animals and birds were fed throughout the week.

Besides the above, on 23rd February, about 175 packets of food were distributed for lunch and for dinner to street dwellers in various parts of the city.


Ammucare volunteers in Jammu distributed Rajma Chawal for 50 needy people.


Project Arunachala - We have been working for providing some basic needs for an old age home in Arunachala which is being managed by Ramana. Arunachala has around 40 inmates who are old sadhus abondoned by their kith and kin in the most needed times of their years. Among one of the necessities, wheelchairs was one of the most needed. Today Ammucare was able to gather funds for the same from our ACT UK angels who were generous enough to contribute for this noble cause, and the joy on the inmates face was priceless.

Thanks ACT UK team!!!

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