Is Ammucare an international organisation?

Ammucare is a registered trust in India. The full name is Ammucare Charitable Trust. For convenience sake it is simplified as ACT in the following FAQ answers.

Does ACT receive government funding?

Ammucare is not funded by the government whatsoever. We are an NGO (non-government organisation). We do not receive any direct government funding. Non-Profit organizations like Ammucare are permitted to remain independent. We operate based on support from our well-wishers. The government has extended certain tax and duty exemption to us. It is 80G Income Tax exemption for our supporters. Ammucare is 80G income tax exempted organization..

How does ACT raise resources/funds?

ACT raises the resources / funds through:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate and institutional donations

What will ACT do with my Donation?

ACT utilizes donated money for various projects which are regular or seasonal as well as situational.

  • Aangan (Learning centre of 120 Underprivileged children in Jammu)
  • Blood Donations for Thalessmia patients
  • Blanket Distribution
  • Skill & Empowerment Workshops (Seasonal)
  • Act to Stop Hunger
  • Relief Operations (Situational)
  • Supporting Hearing & speech Impaired Children of Asha Niketan by providing stationary , Art kits & other necessary things as per requirements.
  • Uplifting the helpless and needy by providing various resources and services.

How do I ensure that my donation for the ACT is utilized properly?

ACT is very transparent in all its activities. All the events are announced on social/ printed media well in advance with complete details about the activity. All events /activities are documented with pictures, write ups & details which are then shared on social/ printed media to provide complete transparency. Accounts and programs are audited regularly and strict guidelines on finances are maintained at all times. All donations are supported by receipts and all supporters are requested to insist on official receipt. Income and expenses are annually audited and submitted to the tax authorities.

Charity should be a secret affair then why pictures of all activities and events are widely shared on social media? Is it for advertising?

Pictures of all events and activities are shared/ published on various media to maintain transparency and to ensure the donors that their donations are actually being utilized as well as utilised exactly for the cause that they intended to support. Picture proof is also a necessary support for the taxation papers.

Will my small contribution make a difference?

Small contributions from individuals collectively sums up to large amount needed for cause. ACT also provides opportunity to help in various ways .One can contribute by donating money, materials, time or skills. Every small contribution makes a big difference in long run.

What information is sent to the donor?

We send communication material regularly to the donors, providing updates on program activities and sharing success stories from ACT's work supported by their donations.

Is my donation tax-exempt?

Yes, all contributions to ACT are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.

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