Food Seva - Ammucare


Food Seva, Noida 6th May -31st May 2021

With the onset of the pandemic and lockdown there are many families who are out of jobs. Many are struggling to meet the needs of their families. With the intent to help the labourers and their children, the Noida team has been serving 50 to 100 packs of freshly cooked hot packed food in the industrial area around the Expressway Noida.

So far, 950 meals have been served and 500 more to go. We have intend to and have committed to continue seva in this area till 15th of June.

Our volunteers have served fresh, hot and nutritious meals to the labourers and their children and also to the attendants of the covid patients outside covid centers in the area.

We have been distributing masks along with food, to ensure prevention of spreading the virus.

There are many Auto- rickshaw and E – rikshaw drivers struggling to meet the basic needs of their families during the lockdown.

Together we can make a positive difference with our actions. Your small contribution can bring a smile and happiness.