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Fruit bearing trees plantation drive at Melpachar Pond, Tiruvannamalai on 7th of March 2021

Fruit bearing trees plantation drive at Melpachar Pond, Tiruvannamalai: 7th March 2021:
As part of our Founder, Mohanji’s birthday celebrations, Ammucare in association with Mohanji Foundation and Responsible Citizens iYakkam (RCi) alongwith the support of the Local village youth forum M/s. Pasumai Pachar Poruppulla Elaignaral Sangam (PPPES) planted 56 fruit bearing trees in a reserved forest area adjacent to Thenpennai river basin of Tiruvannamalai District in Tamil Nadu.
This reserve forest was once a very rich habitat of wild animals. It housed one of the exotic flora & fauna and was once an example of bio-diversity. Today, most of the wild animals are extinct, native trees have been cut down & it is now fully covered with thorny bushes, resulting in very low rainfall , loss of habitat for wild animals with very less food availability. In addition, local villagers graze the entire forest with their cattle.
So the team chose an ideal location inside the pond, dug up all the pits for cooling & planted the following saplings:
20 Nos of Blue Berry (Naval Tree )
10 Nos of Peepul tree (Arasa maram )
10 Nos of Wood apple tree (Vila tree )
10 nos of Goose berry
3 nos of Banyan
3 nos of Fig tree saplings
All the tree varieties chosen are known for withstanding harsh summer temperatures of Tiruvannamalai district.
Each sapling has been well covered with tree guard which not only provides ventilation & sunlight but also shields it from animals grazing.
It was ensured that all kinds of local people who can be a potential threat to the trees were part of the drive with a hope that if they plant trees with their own hands, they will automatically take responsibility to protect them too. We explained the need for the fruit bearing trees to increase the animals & trees population and also to prevent man- animal conflict as wild animals enter the neighbouring villages in search of food.
We are sure in the years to come , this area will receive very good rainfall with birds and animals pitches by planting the seeds of the fruit trees in every nook & corner of the forest.