Good Touch Bad Touch Session - Ammucare


Good Touch Bad Touch Session For Small Children

Annadaan, water distribution and Good Touch Bad Touch session at various locations in Badlapur: 1st – 12th May 2021.
Ammucare in collaboration with Youth of Today has been serving sumptuous meals to the underprivileged, daily wage workers and homeless people at multiple locations across Badlapur such as Dongar seth Adivasi village, Kopar slums, Kowtyachiwadi Adivasi village, Badlapur bus stop, Talavchiwadi village, Badlapur bridge, Lassunwadi. On an average, 50 – 55 people are served with daal, rice and sweets.
There is an old age home called Beghar Nivara. Sumptuous meals are served on a regular basis to the 30+ elderly folks there.
In addition to Annadaan, a session on Good Touch and Bad Touch was conducted at Dongar seth Adivasi village (Badlapur East) on 8th May.
500 litres of water was distributed at Dongar seth Adivasi Village, Badlapur East on 7th May.
Kudos to our volunteer Bharat Gada for driving this seva consistently.