Ammucare reaches out to thousands of beings and creatures every year across India and worldwide. Our ACT Angels are present in multiple cities, holding their ground, identifying new areas and facilitating the good work. We are able to make a small difference in the lives of the poor, homeless, old, specially challenged, disadvantaged students, animals and more. Every year we strive to reach out to more and more beings of mother earth that need help. We continue to profess in unconditional love and care that sets no barriers. For the past year 2019, we have been able to reach out to 88,000 people in India and provided 37,580 kgs of fodder for the animals at shelters through the Annadaan (food distribution) seva. Ammucare was also proactive in providing disaster relief up to 5 lakhs for areas affected by cyclone Fani. We have supported rural schools with infrastructure and basic amenities for the kids and continue to foster over 280 kids at Mohanji ka Aangan. The work yet to be done is endless but we strive relentless.

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