Livelihood Initiative - Ammucare


Livelihood Initiative, Delhi: 23 April 2021

With rapid increase in Covid cases and approaching summers, access to basic necessities become even more important. Ammucare ensures that the essentials of life are provided to all beings with love, respect and compassion.
This pandemic is a reminder for us to stand together and serve selflessly. Serving all beings is a healing in itself.
In Delhi, Livelihood Project team has been working consistently to feed all beings as much as possible. Till 15th April, Ammucare served 11,100 Fresh roties to thousands of beings at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre including Cows, camels, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, goats, pigs etc. regularly and also served 2218 fresh cooked food to the labourers, migrants, beggars, physically challenged on the road, slum children in various parts of Delhi.
Contentment and gratitude on their faces speaks a lot for what this regular Annadaan means to them. They all were happy and contented.
The current lockdown situation is posing a great challenge for daily wagers surviving on meagre resources. Also, the supplies that used to come from visitors at Sanjay Gandhi Centre have been reduced, resulting in food shortage for thousands of beings at the centre. Let’s come forward and do our bit within our capacities.
Our deepest gratitude to all the volunteers, contributors and special thanks to Salasar Engineering Technology (Ghaziabad) for their continued financial support for this project.