Livelihood Project at Shirdi Annadan - Ammucare


Livelihood Project at Shirdi, Annadan in March 2021

Team Ammucare has set up a kitchen at Shirdi where delicious fresh food is cooked by 3 women and the same is distributed to the underprivileged by 2 other Ammucare angels. On a daily basis, 10 kgs of food is cooked and more than 175 souls are appeased during lunch.

A lot of construction workers have been living in make shift homes in nearby villages. The team has been serving them with freshly cooked meals on a daily basis.

These 5 people are the ones who lost their source of income during the pandemic since Shirdi was closed. This seva has ensured they are able to provide for their families too.

They not only delicious food but also serve them with a lot of love. We would like to appreciate and express our heartfelt gratitude to them for this beautiful service and kudos to our volunteer Savitri Jayasurya for spearheading this project with sincerity and persistence.