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Mirchiwadi Ambernath , Mumbai

Ammucare Mumbai Team and Youth of Today Welfare Foundation are distributing around 500 food packets every day in the tribal area of MirchiwadiAmbernath to the daily wage labourers and children.

Today, on 20th April this seva was done in the Ambarnath division at three places viz.,

  1. – Ambewadi Adivasi Village , Ambarnath West where the seva was done for almost 140 people.

2 – For needy daily wage labourers in Ambarnath east where more than 120 people were served.

3 – MirchiwadiAmbernath where almost 340 people were served with food.

The team is arranging meals for daily wage workers who are unemployed, stranded and unable to get even a single meal a day due to the lockdown.

A need has come in this time in Ambivasi village Badlapur tribal area to serve over 500 people so we want to start a kitchen there, as it is quite far about 15 kms from our existing kitchen.