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Old Age Home Visit by Kolkata Volunteers on 26th of March 2021

Ammucare Kolkata volunteers visited an old age home on 26th  of March 2021 in the back of the beyond at Dakhin Barasat named Jonmobhumo Juynagar area. We covered 200 kms and returned with heavy hearts.

What we saw and experienced touched us to the core of our beings.We saw the face of suffering humanity. Each face having a story to tell.

Many abandoned by their own kith and kin.Abandoned by their own children yet their eyes lit up when we asked about their families.

” I have a son, a daughter in law , a grandson” YET….

These elderly men and women were so welcoming inspite of the hard treatment meted out to them by fate.
They spoke, they cried, they lamented and released perhaps all that they had stored in their bosom.

We spent time with them, offered them a meal of their liking.We cherish the time spent with them as we could see that it brought some joy to the old souls. Its all about LOVE. Every being on this planet needs LOVE. Its all about loving unconditionally. Truly appreciate the owner of Janmobhumi who sheltered these lesser children of God and provided them with food, clothing and shelter. It was hardly a shelter. Four walls and a near open roof of plastic sheet, straw etc.We promised them a proper roof to shelter them from the weather.

Inspite of all the hardships the 90 year old was reading the Bgadwad Geeta dressed in torn, faded clothes. The old lady in one corner had an altar.

Their faith was intact.
Isnt that brilliant?
Its here and now that we need to support them with basics.A roof, an Aquaguard and a fan.
Count your blessings see them one by one : was the one thought that remained with us.

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