Pitrupaksha 2022

Are you feeling stuck in life? Success eluding you, no matter how hard you try? Are relationships a constant source of worry, stress and anxiety? Do you sense blockages in your career, relationships, abundance, progeny, etc.? Is having children an issue in your extended family? Very often, these blockages that affect every area of our life are a sign of heavy ancestral karma.

Mohanji says, “Pitru Paksha is the right time, as per the astrological calculations, to express gratitude and respect to the lineage so that it lightens the inherited subtle aspects.”

The upcoming Pitru Paksha (10th September to 25th September 2022) is a special sixteen lunar day period when one can perform annadaan that provides salvation to their ancestors, freeing them from the pains of lower astral realms and clearing their way for higher evolution. In return, we receive their blessings which remove our blockages and reduce our heavy burden of lineage karma, thus providing momentum in our relationships, career, abundance, progeny and every other aspect of our life.

Annadaan can be performed on your behalf at powerful spiritual power centres to renunciates, needy/old/sick people, cows, monkeys, fishes, birds, etc. This is a boon when travel to these locations is not feasible.

You can avail of this fantastic opportunity by donating on the Pitru Paksha 2022 website.


As a courtesy, please find the document with detailed guidance from Mohanji on how you can benefit during the Pitru Paksha period.

To know more about the importance of Pitru Paksha and the benefits of rituals and annadaan during this period, please listen to Mohanji’s podcast on the “Importance of Lineage” or read the blog post. You can also visit the Pitru Paksha 2022 website.