Ammucare is a platform for selfless service for uplifting the helpless and needy. Also, the mission of Ammucare is to empower generations beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, communities, cultures, colours, religion and deliver stability, hope and well-being. Through all the projects or seva activities, ACT is selflessly committed to social service in India.

Our core areas of activity include the following:

  • Mohanji Ka Aangan (Learning centre for 120 underprivileged children in Jammu, Pune and Delhi)
  • Blood Donations for Thalassemia patients
  • Blanket distribution
  • Skill and empowerment workshop
  • Supporting specially challenged children
  • ACT to Stop Hunger: Feeding the poor on the street
  • ACT Fast ACT Now : Relief operations, disaster management
  • Supporting underprivileged by providing basic needs
  • Sponsoring education & health care to the needy.


The southwest monsoons lashed Kerala with incessant torrential rains forcing the authorities to release excess water from most of the dams resulting in flooding of all the major rivers, landslides, loss of hundreds of lives, livestock and property. In response to the grim situation, Ammucare has extensively carried out the relief operation for a period 40 - 45 days and covered 1052 families across Kerala.

Ammucare conducted the relief programme in three phases

1. Instant Relief

Ammucare actively participated in the relief operations from day 1 . Ammucare directly coordinated with Indian Navy and successfully provided instant relief items to people landing at the Naval base after being rescued from various locations. Along with providing instant relief in relief camps, we also supplied ready to eat food items for getting airdropped by Navy at various locations.

Beneficiary – 200 Families

2. Relief by distributing essentials and food items.

Relief Kits comprised of the following:

1. Soap                                    2. Detergent                                  3. Towels                                     4. Plastic mats

5. Sanitary napkins                   6. Bedsheets                                 7. Nighties                                   8. Lungi

9. Toothpaste                          10. Brush                                       11. Oil                                         12. Comb

13. Lentils                               14. Rice                                        15. Spices                                    16. Salt

17. Sugar                                18. Tea powder                              19. Buckets                                  20. Mugs

21. Plastic mats                       22. Cleaning Kits

Location I

Headed by Mr. Kesavan Namboodiri, essentials were distributed to the flood victims. In Palakkad, there were 86 families who are accommodated in a relief camp in a school. Some of them have lost their houses completely.

Beneficiary – 86 Families

Location II

Distribution of essentials to 60 needy families in a badly affected area, Vidakuzha, HMT Colony on the outskirts of Cochin City.

These families had been residing in camps for the last 12 days and were just getting returning to their homes. Cleaning has just been completed.

Beneficiary - 60 families

Location III

Team Ammucare also started distribution in Wayanad where the post flood situation is quite bad. Many daily wage workers have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. First distribution was focussed on 6 families which consists of 30 people altogether.

From mental illness to spinal cord injury, some families do not even know what to do or how to overcome the situation. The Panchayath President and ward members helped the team reach out to the needy and have assured to help for all Ammucare related activities in this region.

Beneficiary – 6 Families

Location IV

Ammucare Team visited an interior place in Chendamangalam which is famous for handwoven Kerala sarees. This again is one of the most affected places on the outskirts of Cochin. This is Ammucare team's second visit to Chendamangalam. Last time around, the team visited another ward.

Essential kits were distributed alongwith biscuits and a few packs of ready to eat snacks.

The kit for each family comprised of :

3 nighties,3 lungies, 2 bedsheets, 1 towel, 3 sets of innerwear for men and 3 sets for women, toiletries including napkins, dresses for children and 5 packs of biscuits.

Beneficiary – 30 families


Location V

Ammucare team considers itself fortunate to have had the opportunity of helping 70 people in Wayanad. They were in distress and the team reached at the right time. There was a cancer patient who was going for her 3rd chemo therapy session. The volunteers spent some quality time with her and made her feel better. Time, care and a few kind words can work wonders and heal many an ailment.

Food items and bedsheets were provided in the surrounding areas of Meenangady, Wayanad.

Beneficiary – 70 families

Location VI

Ammucare Kerala team distributed essentials to 280 needy families in a badly affected area in Athani near the outskirts of Cochin airport. The area is "Purampokku" meaning land not owned by them but given by airport authorities so that they can construct houses. These are daily wage workers at the airport. During the flood, the entire area had been devastated. The people have had a hard time getting the houses cleaned and repainted. Since its a colony, they were living like a family and wanted all 280 families to get the kits together.

The ACT angels went door to door and distributed 5 kgs rice, 1 kg sugar, salt, 500 gms lentils, teapowder, sarees and lungis. Blankets were distributed to the old and the bedridden. The villagers were so happy and had tears in their eyes as they thanked the team wholeheartedly. They had got kits before but in such small quantities that it would not last long given that 280 families is a huge number.

Food items and bedsheets were provided in the surrounding areas of Meenangady, Wayanad.

Beneficiary – 280 families

Location VII

ACT Kerala team had the privilege of contributing at a medical camp. We could provide medical supplies in collaboration with Meenangady Gram Panchayat. 50 people attended the camp. The team also provided flood relief kits to 20 families in Kolampatta area, Meenangady

Beneficiary – 70 families

Location VIII

Food and Essentials Kits distributed to an interior area of Muppathadam near Kadungallur, Aluva which is also one of the most affected & ignored area. People were very happy to receive Ammucare kits.

Beneficiary – 20 families

3. Rehabilitation

  • I. Extending help to 150 tribal families who have no place to stay. They have been provided flex sheets to cover the temporary shelters.
  • II. Kerala Act team distributed bags, books & pens to 80 students there who needed it the most.


School Improvement Programmes for Rural areas.


A ray of hope for those who need wings to become Self dependent.


Mother – The one who loves unconditionally. The one who provides before the child even asks. The one who sleeps on a half belly so that her child can have some extra. The one who leaves no stone unturned to ensure the child gets all the happiness in the world. It is disheartening when the same child is unwilling to provide a safe roof, extend a supportive hand, a patient ear and a warm hug when the parent needs it the most, as they age.

Mother's Nest Old Age Home for women is one such shelter which houses aged women who have been abandoned by their kith and kin. Ammucare volunteers at Hyderabad visited the shelter and distributed sarees, groceries and medical supplies and spent some quality time with them.

The elders very happy to just be able to chat with someone and have someone hold them. All it takes is a little time, a little compassion and lots of love to bring smiles on their faces.


Mohanpur Skill Training and Product Development Center


  • To set up and run a small Training and manufacturing unit at the village, with machines, tools, infrastructure, technical know-how to produce fabric based products and garments and other fashion products for the benefit of the underprivileged women and young girls.
  • To impart skills based design training for the benefit of poor and aspiring women deprived of education due to financial constraints.
  • To facilitate projects involving designing, developing and creating finished goods basis the training provided. This is to ensure employment generation for the marginalized women. The intent is to undertake marketing and selling initiatives, of the products, eventually converting it into a self-sustainable model.

About the Skills training centre:

We started with a small rented room in of the village houses and eventually shifted to a bigger room. There will be 8 sewing machines (motorized, electricity run) and a steam iron that will be installed. There will be shelves placed to store fabrics and other materials. Also, tables to place the sewing machines and the steam irons will be included.

A new connection of power supply / electricity provided by JUSCO will be opted for to ensure continuous uninterrupted functioning of the sewing machines and steam irons. Light fixtures and other electrical fittings will be installed. Fabric, thread , fusing , embroidery frames, needles, stitch openers, zippers, buttons , accessories and trims, basic stationary requires to be procured.

Currently, there are 11 women and young girls out of which 2 of the girls are around 15-16 years old and rest are married women with kids of varied ages. Most of the women are educated upto 8th grade .

Training Programme- Current scenario:

The training started with them learning how to draw straight lines and shapes and progressing to learn how to use scissors and cut shapes. They are learning hand stitching and embroidery currently. They are occasionally being trained in basic English as well alongwith the design, sewing and embroidery skill training

Future training plan

  • Design training : Understanding of various elements of designs like colors, balance, proportion, shapes etc.
  • Technical training : Pattern making , Fabric Cutting, product construction on sewing machines, varied Hand Embroidery Techniques, Applique, Patch work, Quilting .
  • Fabric study: Training to understand fabric qualities and their characteristics.
  • Market understanding : Training to understand the marketability of products vis-a-vis the designs and product development techniques/ processes involved.
  • Product Ideation and creation of marketable products : Group discussions and ideating on sellable product development, creating them of good quality and aesthetic value.


A few grains and drops of water a day;
Will keep our winged friends' hunger and thirst at bay.
All it takes is a little love and some compassion;
Their blessings will brighten up your life like the rays of the Sun.

Blanket distribution

For some, winter is all things warm and cozy but for others it's a tough battle for survival. Winter chill brings shrills to people who are forced to live on the streets. ACT angels are out there on the streets every year during the cold nights distributing blankets to the needy. This warm cover of love has helped hundreds of people so far across different locations in India to fight the battle of survival thus touching many hearts with this act of kindness. Ammucare has been helping people living on streets fight winters from more than a decade and will continue to do so.

Blood Donations for Thalassemia patients

Ammucare acts for Thalassemia patients across the country. Thalassemia, being a hereditary disorder, is incurable. The life of the Thalassemia patient becomes miserable as he needs the vital life saving blood at regular intervals of 10 - 15 days.

Thus, ACT works in the direction of spreading awareness about the disorder and organizing blood donation camps in collaboration with National Thalassemia Welfare Society (a government recognized organization solely working for Thalassemia patients) so as to build blood relations on the strong foundations of unconditional love and care.

If you would like to join us in this noble cause, you may write to us at


The Internship Programme at Ammucare has been developed for students to gain practical and hands-on training so that the experience gained helps interns meeting educational goals and also prepare them for a meaningful professional career.

We have highly experienced teams across various locations across India. Interns are assigned mentors to give them hands on knowledge and valuable experience during internship.

At Ammucare, the Interns get to choose the area of internship as per their interest. Every intern is assigned a Mentor who works in co-ordination with the National Head to give genuine experience in core areas.

Internship slots are available throughout the year and applications are invited through social media. To know more inbox us at