Testimonials .

Ammucare Charitable Trust (ACT), in memory of the loving child Ammu (Sreedevi Mohan), came into existence on the 25th of October 2003. Its aim has always been to help the helpless and needy, especially the poor, the old, and the ailing. It also included looking after and educating abandoned children and protecting and training deprived women to enable them to look after themselves. Its dream is a world where all the children of mother earth - man, animals, birds, plants and all - live together in peace and harmony without harming the environment. It is heartening to find that the organisation is growing day by day and spreading its exemplary activities throughout India and all over the world through ACT Foundation.

- - Kesavan Namboodiri, Former President, Ammucare

Joining Ammucare Charitable Trust in January 2007 was a true milestone in my life. I am forever grateful to the Divine for creating a genuine and strong wish, an urge within me to serve hands-on. This is what attracted me to Ammucare website. When I met its Founder the following day I never could have imagined the Grace that would enter my life through his blessed presence. Now that I witness all that happens through Mohanji's consciousness, I am reminded that what opened the doors to this Grace in my life was a simple desire to serve. Our selfless service is that powerful, that transformative. May all the members and volunteers of Ammucare in India and ACT internationally recognize the power and blessing of service and the ever-new joy of oneness that it brings.

- - Devi Mohan, ACT Foundation President - Global

Ammucare is the embodiment of compassion and collective effort to help the needy. From a humble beginning, Ammucare has transformed the meaning of Seva as thousands of volunteers selflessly support the suffering people all over India. It gives great joy to volunteer with Ammucare.

- - Shaju Mangalam, Head State Council, FICCI

Ammucare to me means empowerment, boundless compassion, non judgement, endless positivity, unconditional love towards other beings and yourself. Association with Ammucare nourishes me and inspires me continuously. Grateful to Mohanji and Ammu for providing such a platform to the world.

- - Palak Mehta, Founder, Vegan First.

Charity begins at home and Ammucare is home. Each hand extended to help in Charity is God's Will and Ammucare is God's Will.Both to the Giver and the Receiver, Ammucare serves as the Guiding light of selfless service with total dedication and unconditional love".

- - Dr. Harpreet Wasir,

Journey from nowhere to now here: Dearth of words to express my Gratitude to my Baba Shri Mohanji. The day I met Baba in 2010, all of my life shifted and flowed to another space where Baba made me aware about how we pay back to the MOTHER EARTH. Ammucare has been doing amazing seva globally with all compassion and selflessness. I, as a being in this lifetime, have been graced to be with a living Master. Life has shifted so much for me that serving the creation has no barriers of time and space. I am blessed beyond time and space.

- - Bhartte Kapoor, Holistic Energy Facilitator

In every quanta of light Earnestly trying to make Every being's life bright; Providing a stage For all to participate. To unwrap the veil from infinite energy Which sprouts when you work with synergy To provide meaningful existence through liberated action The moment compassion becomes your true expression In Ammucare you find real resonance.

- - Deepali Bais, Former VP, Ammucare

Ammucare is a breath of life for me. Deep gratitude to Baba and the Universe for giving this opportunity to me.It keeps me alive, live, soulful, joyful, tuned, blissful, smiling and shining.


- - Harmeet Kaur Kohli, Delhi Aangan Head

I am immensely grateful to Ammucare for providing a platform to fulfill my aspirations to serve, which was always a deep desire. Service truly expands your heart and leads to a lot of personal growth. I have realized that service is not only about others, it is also about the infinite joy that you get from the opportunity to serve.

- - Soma Seal, President, Ammucare