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The Great Dettol Appeal

A few weeks ago, Team Welfare For Animals in Goa: WAG, rescued this magnificent Bull, after he had stepped in a bag full of broken beer bottles!

His wounds were horrific, with deep gashes, he had also lost a lot of blood but the good news is, after intense treatment, he has made a full recovery.

Unfortunately, WAG has 20 injured cows to treat everyday. As they receive no help from the Govt, for medicines and cleaning materials, they are constantly struggling to buy them.

At the top of the list is “Dettol Liquid Disinfectant”. Especially in these times, cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Given the current Covid crisis with many animals to care for but limited resources, WAG is struggling to keep them fed and medicated.

*Monthly Costs

*Food* – ₹ 34,000
*Medicines*- ₹ 21, 000

Please reach out with funds and kindness for these beings and help them to lead a peaceful and dignified life.