The Meal Of Hope - Ammucare


The Meal of Hope, Jammu

The global pandemic witnessed at a global level has created havoc at a scale which has been beyond anyone’s imagination. Numerous people have been deprived of even basic meals required for survival.

We are very proud of the all the Ammucare Angels, pan India, who were instrumental in reaching out to the underprivileged and ensuring they do not sleep on an empty stomach.

The Meal of hope started on 6th May 2021 in Jammu during the lockdown and it went for 66 days. On a daily basis, 100 thalis were served at a Children’s Hospital.

50 lunch and 50 dinner thalis were served daily at SMGS Children’s Hospital at the children cancer ward or oncology dept and NICU, Malnutrition dept. In total, 3 wards all for child patients and their families were served.

Kudos to our volunteer Sakshi Gupta for spearheading this initiative.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers and the generous donors without whose support this seva would not have been possible. All the donors have been extremely supportive and we cannot thank them enough for enabling us reach out to so many people. Not just during the lockdown but whenever any seva was intended to be done at Jammu at the Children’s cancer hospital, they have always readily supported wholeheartedly for which Team Ammucare is immensely grateful.

This whole seva was sponsored by Ashima Pandey, Manu Gupta, Lata Ganesh, Ashwinder Mayur and Mohanji ACT Foundation UK. Partnership sponsor was Sai Madhuban Hospitalities.