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Visit to Beejom Farms in Noida

On 17th Jul, on Fathers recommendation we took the Mohanji Ka Aangan Delhi children to Beejom Farms at Noida Sector 126.

Since the covid situation in Delhi/NCR is not so great, we were advised by the Farm Mgt to bring only a few children ( in batches of 12) accompanied by teachers. So we were all set for the journey at 7:30 am. We started from Paryavaran Complex Delhi towards Beejom Farms in a small 27 seater bus where we could maintain the social distance and follow the norms of Covid situation.

We reached there in an hour and started on a tour inside the farms. Govardhan bhaiya started with cows, about 150 of them whose urine, cow dung, etc are used to create so many organic products sold by the farm. Then we met a huge sized pig who to our astonishment was very intelligent and responded very quickly to his name. We saw some wonderful horses who were cured and healed, and were injured and in pain when brought to the farms.

They all had their names on the names of the rivers – Ganga, Brahmputa, Godavari, Jamuna, Narmada etc and they were very friendly horses. Then we set on our journey inside the farms.

The dogs around were calm and friendly, there were about 100+ ducks, sheeps and goats etc on the farm. There were special herbs grown basil, organic bottle gourd huge in size enough for 10 people, cardamom, and many fruits like banana, Pomegranate, guavas etc.

Ravi bhaiya took us around the vegetation and explained about various varieties etc.After this the children did some agriculture work to learn what is done to cultivate on farms, enjoyed the water at the handpumps and kohlu to extract water from the deeper parts of earth below. Then they sat at their dinning area called the “Chai PE Charcha” and enjoyed dancing, antakshari and dumb charades.

The farm people were very hospitable and served Shakangi to all children on arrival and later sumptuous food that we can never forget made by Virender bhaiya, the official cook at the farms. Aparna Gopalrathnam who manages the entire farm was a perfect host to our children who arranged everything for our Mohanji Ka Aangan children.

We and our children are deeply grateful for the beautiful experience we had at the farm. We are grateful to our beloved Mohanji who is the inspiration for all our children and who dreams to bring these children grow with moral values, love and compassion.Yet another beautiful day with amazing experiences ended leaving the footprints of memories to be cherished for a lifetime by all of us.