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Welfare Of Animals Goa (WAG)

Ammucare Cares: A step beyond – The joy of caring and nurturing beings of every species. A well-cared caretaker results in a well-nurtured/bred Animal/being Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG) is an NGO, which rescues abandoned, injured, and sick stray animals from the streets of North Goa.

Since the advent of Pandemic, Ammucare has been consistently supporting WAG in its noble endeavours.

We at Ammucare not only care for the animals by providing food and medicines to them but have a holistic outlook towards animal welfare. Therefore, we deeply care for the well-being of the people in charge of these lovely beings.

Rinku Bavishi, a compassionate, skilled, and trained counsellor has graciously volunteered to help WAG in her unique way. She has a holistic approach not only in treating and helping the caretakers deal with their emotions, traumas, and dilemmas that they face daily while rescuing and nurturing these animals in distress but also heal these innocent, and injured animals (involved in road accidents, some are scalded with boiling water, pelted, etc) who are traumatised by the insensitive behaviour of some humans.

The caretaker is like a mother to the animal and hence if the mother is happy and healthy so will be the child.

We are happy to announce that going forward, Ammucare is collaborating with WAG with an initiative of making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable beings, where the caretakers and the animals grow harmoniously.

A happy and healthy caretaker results in a happy and healthy animal.