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West Bengal

Ammucare Kolkata Team distributed dry ration consisting of 5 kg of rice, 1/2 litre Mustard oil, 500 gm salt, 1 kg Masoor dal, 500 gm sugar along with chilli powder, Turmeric powder and Jeera powder to 230 people and another 2 kg of rice to another 100 people in Tarapeeth.
We take this opportunity to express our hearfelt gratitude to our donors, who came forward to support us in feeding these Sadhus and other needy people in Tarapeeth.Tarapeeth is a Temple town in West Bengal,where many Sadhus and people from nearby villages depended on regular annadan which was conducted at the temple premises, but due to lockdown everything had stopped and they had no means to sustain themselves.
At this juncture Ammucare team along with many individuals came forward to continue with the annadan ,which was consistently conducted for 38 days and finally dry ration was distributed to them for a month.