We care for the aged and provide food and medicines to the institutions that shelter them. Through the newly established Mohanji Home for Seniors in Tiruvannamalai. Ammucare has been able to support more elderly people with daily utility items, medical care, and other provisions.


The lockdown has affected everyone, and the hardest hit are people with unstable or no means of livelihood. Ammucare is actively reaching out to people with cooked food, grocery kits,medicines, masks etc. Hospitals, Old age homes, Special schools, animal shelters, street animals, daily wage workers, migrants, transgender community being supported. We served 119595 meals , 22566 grocery kits and 11982 animal fodder.


As adversities hit, Ammucare springs into action, providing immediate relief and infrastructural aid to the affected locations. For more than a decade, Ammucare's ACT Fast ACT Now project has responded timely to various disasters by mobilising essential items for people affected by the calamities and forging partnerships on the ground.


Ammucare enables alternative education for about 300 children where they learn informally in a nurturing space called Mohanji Ka Aangan. Ammucare also supports infrastructure, stationery and other tools to enhance formal learning. Under ACT 4 Shipra project, we have supported 12 schools with desks, 1 school with construction of toilets, and a few more with libraries and chairs.


We aim to appease hunger of all beings- humans, animals and birds through our annadan, food and grocery distribution saves. Act 4 Hunger is a global platform that provides food, free from violence and looks forward to co-operate with different organisations to facilitate meals. Ammucare has fed over 2,95,394 people and distributed 45,000 kgs of fodder for animals in India in the last 2 years.


Bridging the gaps in healthcare through blood donation drives, medicines and fundraisers for surgeries. Under Blood Relations project, Ammucare has been able to collect 450 units of blood from 1762 people and distributed sanitary napkins in collaboration with Youth of Today to 900 women in the Mumbai Adivasi areas and slums.


We believe in fostering skills and abilities to help people stand on their feet. As a part of ACT 4 Women, Ammucare started Women’s skill training center at Mohanpur, Jharkhand to help women to become self-reliant and financially independent.


Love all beings of mother earth. Act Feathers is a project that cares for little birds, providing them with food grains, water and shelter. Ammucare also aims to plant 1,00,000 fruit trees in 2021 under our fruit tree plantation initiative. Visit below link to know more about the initiative.

                       Fruit Tree Plantation Drive Initiative


Cities We Are In


Lives We Have Touched



Daily Activities


T.R. Gopalakrishnan

Pitru Tarpanam – referred to commonly as Shrada is one of the important rituals every Hindu is enjoined to perform in daily life. Reasons like the change of life style, break-up of the joint family system etc. have made such performance very difficult. A number of people used to perform the ritual but do not have the facility, time or information about how to do it. Shrada is performed to propitiate important ancestors, to seek their blessings for their descendants. This has been in practice since  generations. In view of changes in circumstances and realizing the difficulty of those who need assistance Ammucare Trust (ACT) organized Annadanam for the needy at various centres like Varanasi, Rishikesh and Thiruvannamalai. Photographs taken on the occasion from September 2, 20202 to September 14, 2020 are published below. Donors were given receipts entitling them for a tax redemption under ATG.

ACT is now building a house for senior citizens in Thiruvannamalai to take care of those who have none to help them. Pandemic delayed the progress of construction and with many volunteers donors coming forward to complete the construction it is hoped ACT should be able to complete the project as per schedule in 2021.

Vanamali Mataji

Twenty years ago the birth date of Lord Krishna, Janmastami, coincided with the death date of a small baby girl called Ammu. At the same time this date saw the birth of the amazing society called Ammucare that gives life and hope to thousands of people and children all over the world. Instead of giving up all hope and grieving for the loss of his beloved daughter, her loving father Mohanji decided to start something that would give care and hope to millions all over the world. Ammucare has grown through the years and now it is providing unbelievable aid for the poor and forlorn both in India and abroad. It is said that if anything is done with a dharmic intention, Nature herself will support and thus we see that Ammucare has miraculous support for all its endeavours. May it continue to flourish and may Mohanji’s name be inscribed on the annals of history and a great and wonderful philanthropist. Hari Aum Tat Sat

Narinder Rohmetra , Chief Engineer (Rtd.) , J&K Govt

I got connected with Amucare  through Mohanji Foundation about 10 years back. I saw it growing everyday in their Seva activities. In every remotest corner of India and abroad with other like minded NGOs. They are quick in response to needy as and when wherever distress happens without looking into gender, cast, color  etc.  Be it flood, famine, even small houses damaged due to nature furry, be  education to underprivileged or providing food to hungry, more important helping weaker sections to stand on their feet by empowering women. Proud of Ammucare.. They are selfless volunteers. Hats off

Bhartte Kapoor, Holistic Energy Facilitator

Journey from nowhere to now here: Dearth of words to express my Gratitude to my Baba Shri Mohanji. The day I met Baba in 2010, all of my life shifted and flowed to another space where Baba made me aware about how we pay back to the MOTHER EARTH. Ammucare has been doing amazing seva globally with all compassion and selflessness. I, as a being in this lifetime, have been graced to be with a living Master. Life has shifted so much for me that serving the creation has no barriers of time and space. I am blessed beyond time and space.

Dr Harpreet Wasir

A small sharing from my heart. They say, Charity begins at home. Where is this home? For me, it was not only the place which sheltered me as my home,but also as the place which connected to my Soul, which was Ammucare. My journey to being of more use to the society came through Ammucare. For me Ammucare was never a foundation. Ammucare is  collective consciousness conceived by a single vision of Mohanji to Serve,and carried forth by the most dedicated souls with a sole purpose of being there at the right time, for the right purposes providing the basic necessities of human support to all age groups.I always felt the thought of “Caring in Sharing”of what all has been given to me while being associated with Ammucare. Ammucare has given me  a sense of belonging amongst the masses. It brought out the true meaning of Gratitide, Thanksgiving, Humility and Sharing to my mind. Ammucare has and will continue to touch the lives of millions in the most unexpected ways only to deliver life through all mediums at all times. Ammucare will always be Gods and Gurus Grace to all who are involved with its unconditional functioning with love and care.

Palak Mehta, Founder, Vegan First

Ammucare to me means empowerment, boundless compassion, non judgement, endless positivity, unconditional love towards other beings and yourself. Association with Ammucare nourishes me and inspires me continuously. Grateful to Mohanji and Ammu for providing such a platform to the world.

Devi Mohan, ACT Foundation President – Global

Joining Ammucare Charitable Trust in January 2007 was a true milestone in my life. I am forever grateful to the Divine for creating a genuine and strong wish, an urge within me to serve hands-on. This is what attracted me to Ammucare website. When I met its Founder the following day I never could have imagined the Grace that would enter my life through his blessed presence. Now that I witness all that happens through Mohanji’s consciousness, I am reminded that what opened the doors to this Grace in my life was a simple desire to serve. Our selfless service is that powerful, that transformative. May all the members and volunteers of Ammucare in India and ACT internationally recognize the power and blessing of service and the ever-new joy of oneness that it brings.